Choosing a reliable hosting in affordable price is always a confusing task for every blogger.

We all want a trusted hosting with premium features in minimal investment and for this, we always make mistake by ending up with buying a low-quality hosting.

So in this post, I am going to review a fast-growing and reliable cloud hosting which provides premium cloud servers at an affordable price.

Here I will be sharing everything about Hostfizia review and also my personal recommendation. So keep reading till the end.

Before going deep down into this topic let’s find out some answers of the queries which are popping up into your mind.

What Is Cloud Hosting? Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hostings are hostings in which you will be provided with dedicated hosting servers for every single website you host. And hostfzia offers you only cloud servers for your websites.

There are some benefits of hosting your website into cloud servers.

Faster speed
Affordable pricing
Excellent security
Better control
Works Great With Scalable Traffic

Review of Hostfizia cloud hosting

Nowadays, a lot of people shifting towards the online platform and acquiring online power to grow their business.

Choosing an online platform for a career is a good thing but the most common thing that I have been noticed, people with below 18 years old are showing more interest in blogging and online money making things.

So for them Starting a blog for isn’t so easy because of the tight budget. That’s why people start looking for a low cost budget hosting. Here Hostfizia hosting can be the best option for you according to your needs and budget as well.

Hostfizia provides could sever with SSD storage with its every hosting plans. We also all know SSD is faster as compared to HDD. So you do not need to worry about speed and traffic handling capacity.

It can easily manage your high traffic with its dedicated could sever. That’s why you don’t need to change or upgrade your hosting later if your traffic increases.

Now, let’s take a look at some amazing features of Hostfizia hosting.

Features of hostfizia hosting

A lot of bloggers and digital marketers says most of the cheap hosting doesn’t provide premium features and good contact support.

But wait!

Not with Hostfizia! though I do agree with this statement but Hostfizia offers all of the premium features and excellent support that a top notch hosting company provides.

Hostfizia review hosting features

Some of the highlights are

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
SSD Based Cloud Servers
Safe And Secured
Dedicated Customer Support
Free Managed Migrations
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

99.9% Uptime Gurentee

Most of you may not be familiar with this term so let me tell you in brief uptime of a website the time that a website or web service is available for its users over a given period. Ideally, 100% uptime is the best, but almost every hosting companies provide max to max 99.999%.

So here hostfizia claims they provide 99.9% of uptime which is also an excellent performance. It means you will never see downtime on your website or blog from this server.

SSD-Storage Cloud Servers

Most of the people use shared hostings in which only one server is assigned to your all of the websites. So the biggest drawback of shared hosting is if your one server goes down due to some reason then your all website will face the same problem.

To avoid this or getting fast speed pro bloggers spend their money on buying costly cloud hosting but here hostfizia gives you SSD storage based cloud servers it means you will never face any trouble in all of your websites at one time.

Another big advantage of using SSD based cloud server is you will get fast optimize speed on your blog that will help you to rank higher in SERP.

Hostfizia hosting speed test

You can see this pingdom report this Hosting is very fast. You can also achieve these numbers with this hosting and little bit speed optimisation.

Safe and secured

When we talk about the internet, blogs and websites things like spamming, bots attack first come to our mind and we got scared about such illegal activities. So if you are an expert in coding or a web developer you can easily deal with this with the help of their support services.

Either you have to be very careful like avoiding using nulled and creaked themes and plugins in your site. Implementing any custom codes in our websites from unofficial websites. Although they are provided good security but these are some safety precautions that you should always keep in mind.

Dedicated customers support

You wanna start a blog bought a hosting installed WordPress in your site but you are facing some issues in your site and you are not able to fix it as you are a newbie then only good support services of hosting needed to fix all of those issues.

And some premium hosting like siteground, kinsta are popular just because they have a good support team. Hostfizia also provides dedicated support means one person will help you until and unless you will successfully fix that. That’s why a newbie will never be disappointed by their support services.

Here they are providing 24×7 support for their clients.

Free Website Migration

If you have already a website and you are scared of data loss to migrate into WordPress or another hosting to Hostfizia then they will help you to migrate your site into Hostfizia without any extra charge.

So if you are new then don’t be scared your data will be safe. But in case If you want to let them migrate or wish to migrate yourself then watch the video down below.

Learn here how to migrate your website from one host to another host latest method.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Now, this is what a great sign of trusted hosting and their excellent service. Like most of the other premium hosting Hostfizia also provides 30-day money-back guarantee.

Therefore in case if you purchase their hosting and later you feel like you are not satisfied with their hosting you have an option to get all your money back.

Plans and pricing

Price is a huge selling point of any hosting like most of the blogger decide to buy hosting by their plans and their pricing structure. Hostfizia comes with impressive pricing which is it’s one of the selling factors.

Hostfizia hosting plans

Starter Plan

Their starting package is very low cost as you can see they are offering one website in only 499₹/year ($6.99) with 1Gb of cloud space and unlimited data.

Advance Plan

In this plan you can host multiple website with SSD storage upto 10Gb and unlimited bandwidth in only 1499₹/year ($20.99). This plan is not good for those who have multiple big sites and heavy traffic as it has only 10GB of space. Although 10Gb is enough if you are have affiliate sites.

Business Plan

If you want to host multiple sites then i would recommend to buy its 3rd plan which is 2999₹/year ($40.99) because here you will get 25 Gb SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and also you can host unlimited domains. This plan is specially recommended for those who are getting huge traffic on their website.

Final though on Hostfizia Review

Well, i am not blindly recommending you to purchase this hosting. If you have enough budget and money is not an issue for you then you should look up to some premium hostings like WPX, Kinsta, Cloudways.

But in case, if you are just starting and you have fixed budget then you can give a try to Hostfizia hosting this hosting is really very awesome.

I have used almost 15+ hostings in which some premium hostings like Kinsta, Cloudways midrange hostings like Siteground, A2 hosting and low-cost hostings too and i can say Hostfzia is providing excellent features at this price point.

FAQs : Hostfizia Review

01. I didn’t know anything about blogging should i go with Hostfizia?

Yes, you can and choosing this hosting will be a good option just because you are no going to invest 100s of dollars to start blogging. You can simply click on this link to Buy.

02. I have a website with 30k monthly visitors can this hosting handle it?

Yes, as i said earlier this is SSD-based cloud server so it can easily handle this much of traffic with good loading speed.

03. I am aalready using siteground but they have increased its price so should i migrate to hostfizia?

If only pricing is your problem then you can do but i wouldn’t recommend to migrate all of your sites at once. Just migrate anyone and test if you will satisfy with their services then migrate other sites too.